Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Happy Halloween!  This time of year is always a great time to be a mom.  The girls were so excited about their costumes, the parties, and of course the candy.  I am still getting used to the fact that in this area lots of people give out gift bags of some kind during this time of year.  The girls received a bag of treasures from their dance teachers, PTO board, school teachers, Dave's co-worker, and one huge basket full of presents from our next door neighbor -- best neighbor ever!  The girls loved all the cool toys inside each bag.  This year I made the girls costumes again.  I know, I know -- I need to branch out of doing those puffy tutus for every costume and move onto a different idea.  I thought I would stick with what I know for one more year.
 Little Z was a mermaid princess.  Her addition to the costume was the crown.  She kept trying to stretch her legs out for these pictures but, the skirt was a little more restrictive this year.  I made it so that part of the skirt is detachable.  The girls were happier with it off however, people seemed to call them a princess more often when the tie was off, which bugged little Z a bit.

 she is swimming in the picture above
 Lou Who had wanted to be a mermaid all month.  Little Z wasn't sure what she wanted and had changed her mind a few times.  Once she saw the finished product of her sister's costume she decided she wanted to be a mermaid this year too.  

 Lou Who made her necklace for the costume.  It has dolphins on it.  She loved the fact that I used her two favorite colors to make her costume -- blue and pink!

 K Cat was a pirate -- which evolved into a pirate princess by the end of the month.  In the picture below she is showing her glow in the dark ghost body sticker (tattoo) from our neighbor's gift bag to her.
 Her favorite part was the sword.  She liked holding it out and saying "walk the plank!"

 Sweet Pea was a candy corn.  Sadly, she didn't like wearing her costume.  However, while we were out trick or treating on a rainy cold evening, she was able to stay distracted with going door to door.  It was cute to see her follow her sisters around.  She would reach into the candy bowl with some over sized Halloween gloves I made her wear, pick a piece of candy, and gently put it into her plastic pumpkin bag she was holding in the other hand.  She felt special to be one of the "big girls".
She was much more willing to get her picture taken with her costume off.  Can't wait to see what costumes the girls will choose next year.

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