Saturday, April 16, 2016

Easter 2016

The night before we left Utah Grandma made a delicious Easter feast and the Easter bunny made a visit to the house.  Dave drove all the way up from Arizona just to turn around again the next day and head back home.  He arrived just and Alexa, Zoey, and I had left for the Women's Broadcast.  We were so excited to see him when we got back... and the Easter bunny had also come!  The kids searched for their baskets and were so happy with the final results.
Paisley checking out her basket -- a pool toy, new book, bubbles, Reese's egg, Reese's pieces carrot, water shooter, play dough, letters to baby book, hand sanitizer, and a hand sanitizer holder key chain.
Kinley with her basket of goodies (the same stash as her sisters except instead of a pool toy the 3 oldest received some super fancy goggles for swimming).
Alexa diving into her basket.
Rex and his basket -- his had a bag of chocolate sports balls (which he noticed and opened immediately) and a new toy car (which he went for right after he ate his chocolate balls).

Zoey with her basket of treasures.

... an all around great day!

Spring Break in Utah

With only 3 days between our San Diego trip and Spring Break life got a little chaotic.  Thankfully we were able to pull it together and get out the door in time for another fabulous week of fun.  This time we spent the week at Grandma and Grandpa's in Utah!  We were sad Dave couldn't stay and play.  We missed him.  The kids loved spending time with family!!!
Grandma took us to a farming store.  The kids loved the 10 cent mechanical horse ride.  They rode that baby nonstop almost the entire time we were in the store.  The music that went along with it was loud, slightly broken, and somewhat annoying to other shoppers and workers.  However, our kids were thrilled to ride it over and over again.  The girls also found some cowgirl hats and pretended to ride stuffed horses all over the store.  Par-tay!  The store had a creepy cat that liked having us pet it and 2 dogs that wandered the place.  There were chickens of all breeds out front and baby bunnies, ducklings, and chicks of every possible kind for sale as well.  They were adorable.  Zoey instantly fell in love with the baby ducks (in the picture below) and begged me to bring one home.  She even offered to pay for the little guy with her hard earned babysitting money.  If they stayed that cute and little forever I would have considered the idea.  Unfortunately, they would only be cute and tiny for too short of a time to make that bargain worth it.
Kinley, Alexa, and Rex playing in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.
While we were visiting, Zoey and Alexa got to come with Michelle, Tyson, and I to the new Provo temple dedication.  This new temple is so beautiful!  They both loved the Hosanna Shout!  Alexa loved it because of the excitement and spice it brought to the otherwise dull aspects of the event (in her opinion).  Zoey chose that as her favorite part because of the meaning behind it and the Spirit that was felt.  It was great having them at the church with me for this event.
We also got to attend Women's Conference (Zoey, Alexa, Grandma, Michelle, and I) towards end of our vacation.  I loved watching my two sweeties taking notes and eagerly listening to the speakers.  Alexa was really looking forward to the dessert and it did not disappoint -- super, delicious chocolate cake with raspberry sauce all made from a local bakery.  Yum!  The pictures above and below were taken as Zoey and Alexa were either just about to leave or just getting back from either the temple dedication or Women's broadcast.
I love the picture above!  They are amazing and certainly know it!!!
In the picture below we are just beginning to get some lovely eggs colored.  The most popular colors in the bunch were purple, pink, and blue.  Green and yellow were not a big hit (and never have been).

A few eggs were saved for my handsome boy to color when he woke up from his nap.  He was thrilled and got busy making blue eggs!  This boy loves eating hard boiled eggs.

For Family Home Evening Grandma put together a lesson about the events of Christ's death and Resurrection.  It involved an egg hunt around the house.  The kids were so excited.
Rex posing with his "Easter basket" as he gather his eggs.
Kinley and a beautiful pink egg.
Some of the eggs were numbered and some were not.  Some eggs were filled with candy, others were filled with parts of the Easter lesson, and 12 was filled with nothing.  Zoey was thrilled to find the number 12!  This is a FHE lesson my kids look forward to each Spring.  She knew 12 was empty and was pretty excited to be holding the most prized egg of the bunch.
Zoey holding her basket (and baby Jay in the back with his cute Easter ears).
The kids also got to have a hunt in the yard.  The picture above is from that hunt.  Zoey kept hiding the eggs that were being found to extend the fun as long as she could... as a result, Grandma is still finding eggs in her yard!
At the end of the trip I asked each of my kids what their  favorite part of the trip was... My three oldest girls all said the same thing.  Grandpa invited the 3 of them to attend a concert with him.  He took Kinley, Alexa, and Zoey to see the BYU group Vocal Point in concert with him.  They loved every second of it and are now official groupies.
They were even more excited about the fact that at the end of the concert Grandma and Grandpa took them around to meet (and get pictures with) "the band".  It was a late night for my girls.  They came home thinking it was the best night ever!  This was the highlight of our trip in their opinion. All three of them went back to school on Monday and told their classmates and teachers all about.  They loved it!
It snowed while we were in Utah!  The kids were so happy.  Thankfully Grandma and Grandpa had an giant bag full of winter supplies for the kids to borrow.
Paisley loved being out in the snow!  She was in and out of the house multiple times as the snow was falling.  She was so happy just to be outside watching the snow fall onto her body and all around the ground.
I loved Paisley's winter attire!  She was drowning in her gear but, it didn't seem to bother her a bit.

Zoey in the snow.
Alexa, Kinley, Zoey, and Paisley getting ready to build a snow fort.
Rex wasn't happy about the glove options.  He enjoyed the snow for a bit but, before too long, his Arizona blood kicked in and he decided to enjoy the snow fall from the window of the house.
Kinley and Alexa still working on their fort.  They were really wishing they had their dad there to help with building it.
The kids were so happy to come in from the cold and see that Grandma had made them some delicious hot cocoa.

After warming up, it was time to go out for some more snow time.
In the two pictures above Paisley is building a snowman.  In the picture below her 2 snowmen are complete.  She is so proud of her masterpieces.

Alexa build herself a nice, comfy chair to rest on.  Unfortunately, if you sat on it longer than a second or two you pants started to get wet.
Grandma helped the kids all make an Easter craft.  She showed them how to sew little bunnies out of felt.  The kids were so happy with their new creations.  It was fun o see the different colors they each chose.  Zoey made white, Alexa - black, Paisley - purple, Kinley - light pink, and Rex - red.  Alexa and Rex are also holding our new little pets in the picture above.
We also did some shopping during our trip.  The kids were so excited to be somewhere with exciting shoopping options.  They went a little crazy in target (as well as seagull book and Walmart).  They left with a few treasures.  Rex and Paisley are showing off some of their treasures in the picture above -- Rex got a new car and Paisley found a dress-up kit complete with shoes, purse, earrings, ring, and necklace! 
The kids could not get enough of their new little cousin Jay!  He is such a sweet little guy!
After months of searching for the perfect pet for our family, I think we finally found them!  On our way up to Bountiful we made a quick stop to pick up our newest additions -- 2 jersey woolly rabbits!  They are the sweetest little bunnies ever and my kids are completely smitten.
Paisley is brushing the bunnies hair in the picture above.
This picture makes me laugh.  Rex is so happy to be holding his new bunny... I don't know if its the angle of the picture but, the bunny's eyes seem to be displaying an entirely different emotion than Rex is feeling at the moment!

Zoey holding Baby Fluff.
Rex and Paisley combing Midnight's hair.
Paisley decided she didn't care for the names the rest of the kids gave our new bunnies.  The one she is holding in the picture above is named Midnight but, she calls it Fans.  The other one is named Baby Fluff but, according to her its name is Ice Cream.  We will see if the names stick... she has changed there names a few times since we have brought them home.

Spring Break was loads of fun.  Aside from all the activities we took pictures of we also made some delicious resurrection eggs (requested by Zoey), took a trip to the library, I got to go to the temple with Michelle and Tyson,  All of us got some new haircuts (Rex hated every second of it), and went and saw the new movie Zootopia (loved it).  We all had such a fun time and hated to see the week come to a close so fast.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Paisley and Rex (staying busy)

Paisley and Rex are two very busy kids during the day.  They are constantly asking me to watch them in the pool, let the get the bunnies out (yes, we have some new pets!, They are adorable and we love them.  I will be posting more on them some other time.), help with dishes, dance to "Just Dance" on the XBox, play in the backyard, bring some toys in from the casita...  These two are in constant motion and although I am going to really miss a little one when starts school next year, I think it will be exactly what she needs to keep her happy during the day!
Rex is still loving his morning shower routine!  I snapped these pics of him the other morning, just as he had gotten out and was relaxing on my bed.  He loves his shark towel!

Paisley made this neat mask the other day out of play dough and asked me to take a picture of her wearing it.  Super cool!
These two like to keep themselves busy.  If I don't have an activity for them, they will find one on their own.  Let's just say my ideas are usually better than theirs.  I can't remember what I was so busy doing the other day (most likely busy cleaning a different room in our house) when they found my new Costco size box of baby wipes and decided to open multiple packages of wipes and spread them all over their room, the bathroom, hallway, and sister's bedroom! 
They thought it was hilarious... until I made them clean up the mess!
I sure love these 2 cuties of mine!